Brain Games Tv

Development of video games brain training for smart Tv.

The Euskaltel Group -one of the biggest teleoperators in the north of Spain and owner of the companies Euskaltel, Telecable and R- launched at the beginning of 2019 the DiCo Challenge program (Digital Content Challenge), a call to solve some of the key challenges of the Euskaltel Group by the creative sector's companies.

Cuicui Studios applied to this call and was selected to design and develop an application for Android TV that could be implemented in the deco 4K of the tele-operator.

Euskatel, Telecable y R


Video games

Project Goal

Create an entertainment solution adapted to Smart TV

The challenge was to create an entertainment solution adapted to smart TVs, taking advantage of the entire Android TV ecosystem.

Cuicui Studios proposed the creation of a platform for brain training and entertainment games, aimed at both children and adults, which would transfer the tactile experience to a game system in which the TV controller itself would be the "gamepad".

These games should be endorsed by experts in education and neuropsychology, implementing an instructional design and identification cards with the cognitive abilities that were worked on in each of the proposed mind games.

The platform had to consist of twenty games (ten aimed at children and other ten for adults), which had to be available in Spanish and English. They had to be able to work in all deco 4K and meet the technical requirements of Android TV to generate an optimized experience on all televisions.

The final objective of the Euskaltel group was to expand the entertainment offer, to take advantage of the full potential of its decoders and to improve customer retention, while the viewers trained their minds.

Milestones achieved

Brain Games TV in the Euskatel Group's Deco 4K

To date, Brain Games TV has been made available to those clients of the Euskaltel Group, who have the latest models of decoders, having great results in its beta version in such important metrics as time of use, the number of sessions played and the registrations made or the retention rate.