Development of educational app to work and develop multiple intelligences.

SM Group, the owners of one of the largest Spanish-speaking publishers, had just launched Apprender, the first marketplace for educational applications..

After reaching agreements with several educational app developers to promote their apps on the platform, they decided to hire us to create "Planetonia", an app composed of 24 video games that was to become Apprender's flagship.

SM Group


Educational app


Project Goal

Developing an educational application oriented to the curriculum of the second cycle of infancy (3-5 years)

The main challenge of this application was to enhance children's learning, through an attractive experience using mobile devices, while the individual was acquiring both the objectives of the curriculum and the skills required by educational law and increasing their performance in the various multiple intelligences.

This application had to be oriented to work, both in the classroom and at home, by the child in an autonomous way, even if he or she had some adult supervision.

Planetonia had to be available for both Android and iOS platforms and among the functionalities and actions to be implemented were the following:

  • Design, programming and sound design of 24 video games.
  • Programming, 3D animation and sound design of 4 planets or game zones with multiple interactive elements.
  • Modeling and 3D animation of the main characters from the "concepts" provided by SM.
  • Control area for teachers and families, with access to statistics and usage data, possibility of activating the game control timer and filtering the available contents.
  • Multi-language. Creation of a system to manage languages and new translations, both in text and audio format or voiceovers. Languages included: Spanish, English, Catalan, Basque, Galician and Valencian.
  • Reward system management: creation of a space logbook, a place where all the objects obtained by the user through the achievement of achievements are collected.
  • Recording of the learning achieved by the user and traceability of the information.
  • Integration of the application with the platform.

Milestones achieved

Planetonia obtains the seal of educational innovation at SIMO

Recently launched in the main application stores and on the Apprender platform itself, "Planetonia" has garnered rave reviews and in its first public appearance, at the SIMO Education fair (one of the most prestigious in Europe), it was highlighted with the seal that identifies the best educational innovation platforms.