Software for cognitive stimulation and skill development through video games.

Intelectapp is a cognitive training software aimed at stimulating and developing skills through video games. 

It is based on the concepts of neuroplasticity and cognitive stimulation to establish new connections in the brain through small mental challenges. It has a therapeutic objective and is applied as a complementary technique in the treatment of learning difficulties.

Cuicui Studios


Serious Game, Educational App

Project Goal

Design and develop a cognitive stimulation software to implement as a complementary intervention technique

An increasing number of scientific studies show the effectiveness of video games in the recovery and development of cognitive abilities of people with learning difficulties and developmental disorders. 

Taking into account this potential, we have created Intelectapp, a digital tool designed by pedagogues and experts in neuroeducation to stimulate cognitive processes through video games. 

The aim of Intelectapp was to create a practical and innovative tool that would help education and psychology professionals toturn recovery and intervention treatments into fun and motivating activities..

  • Video games scientifically designed to stimulate cognitive processes.
  • Measurement of patient response and automatic recording of results.
  • Psychopedagogical intervention programs based on games.
  • Gamification system that favours motivation and involvement.
  • Periodic reports on the patient's performance and evolution.
  • Scientific methodology tested and endorsed by universities.

Milestones achieved

Validated by universities through scientific studies

Intellectapp is currently in its commercial launch phase, after having passed the beta phase, in which the tool has been validated at the scientific and methodological level.

However, a first research study has already been carried out in collaboration with the Uría Secondary School, experts in sciences applied to education and specialists in child psychology, speech therapy and pedagogy. In this study, the aim was to analyse the effects on attention of a set of Serious Games based on multiple intelligences, with a sample of 44 students (age range = 6-16 years; experimental group = 24; control group = 20) with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and specific learning disorder (SLD).

Attention performance and observation measures were used. The intervention consisted of 28 sessions (10 minutes each), in which participants were trained with 10 games based on multiple intelligences.

Following the intervention, a significant improvement in attention performance measures was detected. These results invite to consider the applicability of promoting different intelligences, talents or unique skills through educational video games as an important bridge to improve deficit areas, in this case attention, in students with learning difficulties.