Dj Club

Development of advergame for toy line promotion.

The company Eolo Sport HK, based in Hong Kong and dedicated to the creation of toys and the exploitation of important licenses such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars or Minions, decided to launch in 2018 its first line of toys under its own brand: "Fartist Club".

In order to complement the toy and enhance the brand, Eolo commissioned us to develop a mobile video game starring the four main characters.

Eolo Sport HK




Project Goal

Development of advergame to complement the toy and enhance the Fartist Club brand

The challenge posed by Eolo Sport HK was to develop an advergaming that would serve as a complement to the physical toy and that would allow to further develop the identity of each of the 4 characters.

The developed application had to be available for both Android and iOS platforms and among the functionalities to be implemented were the following:

  • User registration.
  • Unlocking of characters through alphanumeric code provided in the instructions of the physical toy.
  • User interface.
  • In -app purchase implementation.
  • Rankings system.
  • Image and sound sharing function through different messaging services.
  • Saving of songs in the application itself.
  • Timer, lucky roulette, visualization of the animation series starring the characters, etc.

Milestones achieved

Fartist Club has over 40,000 downloads

"Fartist Club" has been very well received since its launch, having won prestigious awards in the toy industry, such as the silver medal in "The Independent Toy Award 2018", awarded by more than 900 independent retailers in the toy world.

In turn, the application was launched in mid-2018 as a way to promote and discover the toy outside the traditional cycle, such as sales shelves, trade fairs or television commercials.

With more than 40,000 downloads in the countries where "Fartist Club" has been distributed, it has been very well received by Google Play and App Store users.