Cutie Cuis

Development of a brain training video game for the improvement of brain health.

"Cutie Cuis", originally known as "Cuibrain", is a fun brain training for all audiences..

The cuis, our cute and fluffy characters, need your intelligence to be rescued from all the dangers and enemies they face. Help them overcome the different quests and make your cui the most intelligent in the world..

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Video game, Educational App


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Project Goal

Develop brain training video games capable of measuring cognitive skills and improving brain health

When we decided to create "Cutie Cuis" our main challenge was to bring the experience we had gained with the "Boogies Academy" project to another type of audience. The idea behind "Cutie Cuis" was to replicate those functionalities and gameplays created for children and adapt it for an adult audience by increasing the difficulty level of the games and adapting them to other cultures.

However, "Cutie Cuis" has gained its own identity over time becoming the company's logo, being to date the most successful product and the most recognized brand.

This has led to the creation of different versions of the product, some more oriented to the educational community and others focused on a global audience.

Among the many features and content developed to date are the following:

  • Creation of 18 games starring the cuis.
  • Implementation of international tournaments and rankings.
  • Existence of achievements and rewards that allow the player's experience to be enhanced and exclusive content to be unlocked.
  • Avatar care through the incorporation of a virtual mascot system.
  • Competitive game mode that allows you to challenge your friends or other unknown users.
Milestones achieved

Cutie Cuis, an award-winning and internationally recognized video game

"Cutie Cuis" has managed to reach important milestones throughout its 2 years of life, both because of the video game and its derivative products.

In addition, important agreements have been signed with companies such as ALSA (to form part of its on-board entertainment system) and Euskaltel (to make it available on the group's decoders).

Even the success of the video game has been such that it has led to the creation of an interactive toys' line in collaboration with the toy company "Eolo Sport HK", based in Hong Kong, which holds the distribution licences for some products of well-known brands such as Disney, Star Wars or Marvel.

This toy line has started its journey with the launching of four interactive fluffy toys based on the characters. These are currently on sale in countries such as Canada, Sweden, Finland, Spain or Poland in major shopping centres such as Toys "R" Us or Biedronka.

In addition, this project has been recognized by the European Union with the granting of TBC (Technology Based Companies) aid through the partial financing of the project through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).