Creation of an executable webapp to favour the acquisition of writing skills in students through the intelligent development system (CSRI-OL).

CSRI-OL is an executable application available for Mac and Windows, serious game, created to gamify the CRSI-OL (Cognitive Self-Regulation Instruction On-Line) in order to favour the acquisition of writing skills in students through small mini-games.

University of León


Serious Game

Available soon

Project Goal

Gamifying CRSI-OL to promote the acquisition of writing skills in students

Our challenge in this case was to create a gamification tool to support students' acquisition of writing skills by engaging them more actively in the learning process. According to Zimmerman, the use of self-regulation techniques is a way to actively engage otherwise passive students in their academic instruction. This occurs because students need to see learning as an activity they do for themselves, rather than as an event that happens to them as a result of instruction. The creation of a video game as a tool to apply this learning model favours the active involvement of the student in the process of acquiring new knowledge due to the playful component.

To do this, we created a serious game that consists of lessons and a series of mini-games whose purpose is to facilitate the internalisation of what has been learnt. There are two types of games: recognition games and elaboration games. Recognition games aim to assess whether players have memorised and automated the strategy steps explained in the lesson. Elaboration games are further divided into three types with three different purposes: planning (identifying what is needed to plan a text), revision (checking whether the texts contain the acquired knowledge) and writing (applying the acquired knowledge well).