Cuicui Studios, runner-up for innovation at the 2019 AJE Awards

We, Cuis, are in a lucky streak! The Young Entrepreneurs Foundation of Asturias has awarded us a second prize for innovation at the AJE 2019 Awards.

We, Cuis, are in a lucky streak! The Young Entrepreneurs Foundation of Asturias has awarded us a second prize for innovation at accésit a la innovación the AJE 2019 Awards, held yesterday at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos Ciudad de Oviedo.

The AJE Asturias Awards recognize each year . the best initiatives of young entrepreneurs in the region, divided into three categories: Young Entrepreneurship, Junior AJE, and Young Entrepreneur. In addition, during the gala, two runners-up prizes are awarded for innovation and internationalisation, and special mentions are given for business career, corporate social responsibility and the honourable mention.

Our project has been recognized with the second prize for innovation for our trajectory in educational innovation and our commitment to the development of video games beyond leisure and entertainment.

Today, video games are one of the main entertainment options for kids, young people, and even adults. According to data from the Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI), in 2018 more than 16 million Spaniards were consolidated as video players, and the video game industry registered record figures with a 12.6% growth compared to 2017 and generating 1,530 million euros, twice the turnover of music and cinema together.

Why not take advantage of this potential then to create educational tools that allow new generations to learn in a funnier way?

This recognition gives us the strength to continue working on developing educational video games, gambling projects and research studies that contribute to the improvement of one of the basic pillars of our society.

Thanks to the jury and AJE Asturias for the award, and congratulations to the rest of the award-winning colleagues. It is a great joy to discover the potential that exists in our beloved land of Asturias.


AJE Asturias Winners 2019

Business career:: Luis Fernández Vega
Corporate Social Responsibility:: Coca-Cola European Partners
Honorable Mention:: Curso Intensivo MIR Asturias
Young Entrepreneurship:: Enfasys Engineering
AJE Junior: Fundación Auriga
Young Entrepreneur:: Abamobile
Accesit to Internationalization:: Bioquochem
Accesit to Innovation: Cuicui Studios

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