Cuicui renews its corporate image

We face the 5th year of life renewing our corporate image. Work of our Cofounder and Graphic Designer, Guillermo Varela.

It's been 4 years, 7 months and 18 days since a group of crazy mini-entrepreneurs decided to get together to create educational apps and video games. Although we know that time is relative, in Cuicui it has been a five-year period of learning, effort and renewal. Full of enthusiasm to do what we like best.

With the entry of this 2019, we felt the need to change our skin and say goodbye to our last logo to move to a new brand with which we feel more identified, in addition to updating our old website.

The briefing was clear: we were looking for something simpler, without abusing the small details. A more recognizable and friendly guinea pig form, in which the character of our company would be better differentiated: educational, fun and easy-going video games. Without forgetting the unconditional love we have for guinea pigs and especially for our president Cuicui (a very nice guinea pig, who gave her name to this startup and left us to rest in peace last year).

Our graphic designer Guillermo Varela, has been in charge of giving life to our new image. Wrapped up in a process of sketching, the studio had filled up with cuis again. We didn't know what our next perfect guinea pig would be! But in the end, we think the group choice was the right one.