Cuicui Studios winners of the National Competition for Young Entrepreneurs

Good news! We are one of the winners of the National Contest of Young Entrepreneurs 2015, organized by INJUVE to support young people who lead innovative projects.

This morning we received a letter with very good news that we want to share with all of you. After having presented our candidacy a few months ago, today we have been notified that we have been one of the winners of the National Young Entrepreneurs' Contest, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the business world, and which amounts to 25,000€.

These awards are announced annually by the INJUVE (Spanish Youth Institute) , and their purpose is "to support young people who lead innovative and viable projects, from companies already established, with a maximum of three years and a minimum of one, regardless of the sector in which they are promoted and the territory of the state in which the project is carried out".

For us, this award is a great reward for the work done during the last months, and it allows us to face all the challenges we will have in 2016 with great enthusiasm.

From here, we wanted to thank all those who have supported us during all this time, and also the jury for having decorated us in front of so many quality projects.

Happy Cuiyear!

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