The VII edition of FIMP ends with a great taste in our mouths.

The last edition of FIMP was held in a new fully online format and the participation of the best science communicators on the Internet in Spain.

Last November 27th and 28th, we celebrated a new edition of the FIMP, the videogames, new technologies and innovation event that we have been organizing for the last 6 years together with the newspaper El Comercio and that has the support of entities such as Gijón Impulsa, Liberbank or the University Isabel I.  

We are writing this post today to say goodbye to this edition of FIMP and to share with you the experiences lived in an atypical but very gratifying edition.

A different edition adapted to current circumstances

This year we had to reinvent ourselves. The health emergency situation that shakes our community due to the Coronavirus forced us to make a decision regarding FIMP, the event that we organize every November in Gijón and that brings together more than 15,000 people around innovation, new technologies and videogames. 

Like every overcrowded event and concert, the celebration of an offline edition of FIMP was impossible. So we were left with only two options: cancel the event or reinvent ourselves.

As the fighters guinea pigs that we are, we decided to reinvent ourselves and prepare a totally online and streaming edition. A new format adapted to the situation caused by the pandemic, but without losing the historical essence of the event: bringing innovation and technology to the general public. 

Thus, this past weekend (November 27th and 28th) we gathered more than 30 speakers in two days of morning and afternoon, who shared their knowledge on current topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Biomedicine, Edutainment, Marketing Science or Growth Hacking.

Among the different speakers and professionals participated some of the best popularizers on the Internet in our country. Cultural influencers who have a good handful of followers on their Youtube channels and who do a great job in favor of scientific dissemination. Names like José L. Crespo (QuantumFracture), Sandra Ortonobes (La Hiperactina), Carlos Santana (DotCSV) or Pau Mateo (Diario de un MIR), among many others, gave two intense days of learning, dissemination and, of course, fun.

The VII edition of the FIMP could be followed live on the official website of the event (, on the website and Facebook Live of Diario El Comercio and on the FIMP Twitch Channel (, where all #fimpers could actively participate in the chat and ask questions to our speakers.

Behind the scenes of FIMP

This year the races in search of power strips, the electric scooter rides around the hall and the long walks to the box office, were replaced by the nerves caused by possible connection errors, the time controls or the unforeseen events with the audio. But everything went smoothly and once again the guinea pigs closed the FIMP really happy. 

It has been a different but very enriching experience, in which we discovered that we can adapt FIMP to different formats without giving up its mission of bringing technology and innovation to all audiences. An experience that makes us think of new ideas for the future. Although for now, it's time to rest and recover our energies.

Relive the FIMP on our Youtube Channel

If you have not been able to see live the contents of this online edition of FIMP. Don't worry! You can relive all the presentations, round tables and workshops through FIMP's Youtube Channel. We share the links with you:

Innovation Cycle

1.-  Álvaro Varona: "Edutainment and the revolution of screens in childhood"..

2.- Elena Martín Guerra: "Marketing Science, a new way of knowing the consumer"..

3.- María Varela: "10 must-have tools every Growth Hacker should know"..

4.- Rounded-table "The EdTech revolution".. Con Clara Torrijos (GoKoan), Concha Balenzategui (Body Planet), Paula Herrán (Brave up) y Félix López (Director del SEK Lab Edtech Accelerator).

5.- Luis Díaz: "Gijón: a city for entrepreneurship"..

6.- Rounded-table: "STEM and entrepreneurship”. Con Patricia Acebes (CTIC), Javier Gomez (Apprender), Susana Pascual (PixelsHub), Pedro Carrillo (Genyus) y Diego Zapico (Tech Club Asturias).

7.- Rounded-table:Biotechnology and new forms of nutrition”. Con Fidel Delgado (Neo Algae), Rubén González (RAW Superdrink) y Beatriz Robles Martínez (Universidad Isabel I).

8.-Rounded-table:Business opportunities in the Covid era”. Con Román Benito (Liberbank), Claudia Fernández (Soty Solar), Marcos Viñuela (Simbiosys), Félix López (Scenikus), Juan Martinez Baragaño (Sacema) y Marta Corral López.

Sciencia Journey

9.- “Why is Artificial Intelligence the present and also the future?” por Carlos Santana, ingeniero informático y creador del canal DotCSV.

10.- “Virus against Superbacteria: FIGHT!” por Sandra Ortonobes, biomédica y creadora del canal La Hiperactina.

11.- “LGTBI+ visibility in the world of science” por Nieves González, bióloga y creador del canal Sábados Culturetas. 

12.- "Dad, I want to be a Youtuber." por J.J. Priego, especialista en videomarketing y creador del canal Historias de la historia.

13.- Rounded-table: "Disseminating in social networks and not die trying".. Con Carlos (DotCSV), Sandra (La Hiperactina), Nieves (Sábados Culturetas) y JJ Priego (Historias de la Historia) y Pedro Pérez (El Cubil de Peter).

14.- Workshop: "Illustrating to communicate". por Carlos Pazos (MolaSaber).

15.- Scientific illustration workshop for adults por Francesc Gascó, paleontólogo y creador del canal Pakozoico.

16.- “Is climate change a scam?” por Alberto Parada, educador ambiental y divulgador científico en el canal  “Aventura Barbudas”.

17.- “Biology of legends: from myth to science” por Guillermo Pérez, biólogo y divulgador científico en el canal “WillDiv”.

18.- “Physician and communicator from the trenches: the battle against the Coronavirus” por Pau Mateo, médico y creador de contenido en el canal “Diario de un MIR”.

19.- “Education and social media: new possibilities and new horizons” por José Antonio Lucero, profesor y creador del canal de “

20.- “The nanotechnology that surrounds you” por Anna Morales, nanocientifíca y creador del canal de divulgación SizeMatters.

21.- “5 things you should know about the cosmos” por José L. Crespo, físico y creador del canal “QuantumFracture”.

22.- Rounded-table:The best and the worst of Internet disclosure” con Alberto Parada, Guillermo Pérez, Pau Mateo, José Antonio Lucero, Anna Morales, José L. Crespo y Pedro Pérez.