Cuicui Studios will receive EBT aid for the EVENIM project

Cuicui is the beneficiary of the line of subsidies to Asturian Technology-Based Companies (EBT) for its project EVENIM, a platform for serious games.

In 2016 Cuicui Studios was the beneficiary of the line of subsidies aimed at Asturian companies within the framework of the Technology-Based Companies (TBC) program for its EVENIM project for an amount of 79,965.20 euros. This aid is granted by IDEPA (Economic Development Institute of the Principality of Asturias) and the European Union contributes to the financing of the aid within the ERDF Operational Programme of the Principality of Asturias 2014-2020.

EVENIM, whose trade name is Cuibrain, has been developed between the years 2016-2017 and its main objective has been the design, development and validation of a serious games platform for the development and evaluation of multiple intelligences in adolescent and adult audiences.

The EVENIM project has gone through different phases, being the following the most important ones:

Target user analysis
Analysis of the needs and expectations of the target users as well as their learning styles.

Instructional Design of Video Games
Implementation and adaptation of the theory of multiple intelligences to adult audiences.

Analysis of the different intelligences for adult users and proposal of educational objectives and activities to be carried out for the development of the different intelligences.

Design and development of games and their mechanism
At this stage, all the characters and elements of the application, the script and story, the sound and music to be included, as well as the game mechanics were created to integrate all of them into the final app.

Development of an Artificial Intelligence algorithm (TOI algorithm) for the objective evaluation of the intelligences
Starting from an instructional design of the algorithm, a mathematical formula was developed that allows the quantification of the different intelligences, as well as the interaction between them based on successes, failures, time dedicated to the resolution of the problem and degree of difficulty of the game, as well as the historical performance of the person.

Technical and user validation with a large sample of target users
This task has been implemented with an iterative development methodology. That is, using agile development technologies, a minimum viable prototype of each component of the platform was developed to validate it as soon as possible and use the results of the validation as input to improve previous versions.

During 2016 we focused on developing the core of the tool and preparing the first performance tests and scientific validation in a closed focus group.

In 2017, as the product improved, we opened the beta phase to more users.

Today, Cuibrain is already a product available on major platforms Google Play and AppStore is available for download in 153 countries.

However, during all this time we have not remained with our arms crossed and we have been able to show our advances in some important scientific congresses, being Pablo Garmen (partner of Cuicui Studios and responsible for our methodology) our representative in those events. Some of the congresses and scientific communications in which we have participated have been:

? VII International Congress of Psychology and Education (CIPE2016)
17 June 2016

? IV International Congress on Psychological, Educational and Health Contexts
12 November 2016

? XIV International Congress on Inclusive Education
5 april 2017

? International Doctoral Conferences
7 July 2017

? I International Congress of Psychology, Health and Education
11 November 2017

At the same time, the project has achieved its first notable milestones, as we have exceeded 10,000 users on the platform, with user retention ranging from 14% to 25% a week after downloading (on Google Play and AppStore respectively) and our users remain an average of more than 11 minutes per session.

By 2018, our goal is to fully enter the product's commercialization phase and invest in user acquisition, retention and monetization in both Spanish and English-speaking markets and, in the medium term, in Asian countries.

From here we would like to thank IDEPA, the Government of the Principality of Asturias and the European Union for the support provided to realize our platform.