Cuicui Studios, Spain's representative at the Creative Business Cup

Cuicui Studios selected to represent Spain at the Creative Business Cup in Denmark, where creative industries from all over Europe compete.

Last week Cuicui Studios travelled to Copenhagen to participate in the Creative Business Cup, one of the most important events in the creative sector in Europe, and where we went after being selected among several national startups to represent the Spanish creative industry..

Accompanied by Ana Méndez, from the European Business and Innovation Centre in Asturias (CEEI), we travelled to Denmark for 4 days to be part of a wonderful experience. Although we could not win the competition, the mere fact of being among the 15 finalists at European level (the only Spanish), competing against startups of an extraordinary level, such as Codarica (Sweden), Blitab (Austria), DXTR Tactile (Denmark), Inlifesize (UK) or Verticomics (Italy), has allowed us to compare our technology and creativity with the best creative startups in our continent.

The feedback received from the jury of experts present in Denmark has been really enriching. The jury, which was composed of prestigious professionals such as Margaret Mulligan (EBN, Belgium), Javier Echarri (LSD Partners, Belgium), Juliane Schulz (Media Deals, Germany), Lasse Makela (LTD, Finland) or Dario Mazzella (META Group, Italy), highlighted the degree of disruption of our idea and the endless possibilities that our technology can have in the educational field.

We have no doubt that it has been a magnificent experience that we are sure will open many doors for us in the future

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